Marble Nails

Marble nails are the newest manicure trend! After trying out many different methods, we found this one to give the most realistic results.



Acrylic paint (white, black, and rose gold)

Cup covered with plastic wrap


Nail polish (OPI nail strengthener, OPI white, OPI top coat)

One very thin paint brush

One slightly thicker paint brush


Start with clean and shaped nails. Apply the nail strengthener.


Apply the white OPI polish and let it dry.


Take the cup covered with plastic and place a dab of black and white acrylic paint on it.


Mix a tiny bit of black with a lot of white to get a very light colored grey.


Take your sponge and wet it slightly, then dab it into the light grey color. Lightly dab the song onto your dry white nails.


Using the paint on the plastic wrap add a little bit more black to the light grey color.


Use that color with the thicker brush to paint irregular lines in the pattern your want your marble to appear.


Add a bit more black to the gray color and use the thiner brush to paint within the previously painted pattern.


Clean the thinner brush in a water dish and dry. Using that brush add some gold accents to the pattern. Now, apply your top coat and you are officially done!

Rock those beautiful marble nails!


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